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Constantine SE

There’s a bet between God and the Devil: humanity has gotten earth and both sides try to get as many souls as possible. However, neither side may directly intervein, the only thing they’re allowed to do is pursuade people. Once a demon crosses the line, he’ll meet with John Constantine (Reeves) who has made it his holy duty to send back demons to hell and by doing that he hopes to get a seat in heaven when he dies. When more and more demons start appearing on Earth in their own form, something that shouldn’t be possible, Constantine starts an investigation into what’s going on and finds out that work is being done by the forces of hell to get the devil’s son resurrected on Earth so that he can rule our world…

Sound and Vision:
Overall, the image quality is decent without too many problems, but we did spot some problems with aliasing from time to time.

One thing I still don’t understand is why Warner Bros doesn’t deliver a DTS track with their top titles. Every time we have to suffice with standard Dolby Digital 5.1 while everyone knows DTS can be so much better. Especially with movies like Constantine, a DTS track could have so much added value, seeing that the current 5.1 track we get is quite disappointing when it comes to the use of the surround channels. The front speakers do their job nicely, and so does the subwoofer, but the surrounds are used way too silently and could use a much more aggressive touch.

Disc 1
– Audio commentary by director Francis Lawrence, producer Akiva Goldsman and writers Frank Cappelo and Kevin Brodbin
– Passive Music clip of A Perfect Circle
– Teaser Trailer
– Theatrical Trailer

Disc 2
– Conjuring Constantine: the makers talk about how they transformed the comic onto the big screen added with behind-the-screens footage and interviews with cast&crew
– Director’s Confessions: the director talks about his experiences while filming this movie
– Meeting with Evil: creation of the opening scene
– Holy Relics: Explanation on the different relics used in the movie
– Hellhole: the special effects of the hell-scenes explained
– Visualisation of Rabble: the effects used to create the demon that’s completely made of vermin like cockroaches
– Battlewings: short explanation on the creation of the wings of the angel
– Godless abduction: in-depth view on one scene
– Constantine Cosmology: in-depth view on the character of John Constantine. Phil Cousineau gives more info on the “hero” concept in different mythical stories
– Foreseeingness: The Power of Pre-Visualisation: Comparisons of certain scenes with the animations created before the movie was made. With optional director’s commentary.
– Deleted scenes including alternative ending

Constantine is based on the comic book Hellblazer from DC Comics and pictures a rather dark world. Unlike with other of this type of movies, the comic-feeling isn’t kept but instead we get a more sci-fi/horror movie that combines elements from The Exorcist, Spawn and Mimic with the basic ideas of Hellblazer. Whether this is positive or not, I’ll leave up to you. Personally, I found it quite disturbing that the tempo of Constantine often changes and ends up going as fast as a snail to suddenly go back to a racing car when the action starts.

This is the first movie from director Francis Lawrence and although he’s managed to create a nice style with the visual effects, it doesn’t manage to grab you. The fact that Keanu Reeves didn’t want to change his appearance to fit the main character from the comics doesn’t help either. So, what are we left with? A nice brainless action movie that has plot twists we see coming a mile ahead, combined with a soundtrack that doesn’t have enough punch. The good thing from Warner are the extras though, those are quite interesting and worth checking out.

Our Score:

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