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Contender, The

After the Vice President died, a new one has to be found. Despite several candidates that would be well accepted being present, President Jackson Evans decides to choose female senator Laine Hanson as his sidekick.

This doesn’t get accepted all too well by Republican senator Shelly Runyon who’s head of the committee that has to appoint the new Vice President. Runyon is convinced that the only reason Hanson is chosen is because she’s a women and as he cannot accept that, he surrounds himself with some supporters and when they start digging, some dark secrets about Laine Hanson start appearing. Dark secrets that Runyon isn’t afraid to use during the hearings of the committee.

Sound and Vision:
The image contains some minor compression errors but more apparent is the use of edge enhancement. Still, this doesn’t hurt the movie that much and overall the quality is decent. Strangely enough, DFW has put the movie in 1.78:1 aspect ratio while the movie was filmed in 1.85:1.

The movie is dialogue-driven so don’t expect too much punch from the soundtrack. Only one scene (with a helicopter taking off) truly uses your surround system to its potential, but that – short – scene does do it very well.

No extras present

The film is shot in a very documentary way with quickly switching between committee sessions and behind-the-scenes conspiring and this works very nicely. Also the cast deserves credit as they add a great sense of believability to the movie and everything put together will keep you watching with great interest until the ending. And then it happens! Just when the movie should end, it continues and we get to see another 10 minutes of typical Hollywood victory crap that completely tears down the securely created atmosphere. If anything, this ending shows the hypocrisy in American politics even though it’s supposed to show that “the good always win”.

The Contender is a great movie for those that want a peek at the inner workings of politics but the ending is totally misplaced and prohibits the film from being seen as “fantastic”

Our Score:

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