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Hector and Dorena are two cookers who want to make as many drugs as possible in a short time together with Hector’s friend Merle. Together they set up shop in an old abandoned house where they intend to make enough so they won’t have to work the rest of their lives. While doing their thing they often check out their own product to see how good the dope they’re making is but after a while, they start seeing strange visions. Is it the drugs that are making them see things or is it because the house is haunted as the surrounding neighbours believe?

Sound and Vision:
No widescreen this time as the movie itself was shot in 4:3. The director made everything while using his own digital camera and it shows. There’s dust and scratches and the image looks a bit strange. Also there’s grain, aliasing and interlacing present. All in all the quality is just good enough to not be called bad.

We get a 2.0 soundtrack that again gives the feeling you’re looking to someone’s submission for America’s Funniest Home Videos. Dialogues are clear and understandable so that’s something at least.


Cookers is the debute of director Dan Mintz who delivers an average horror flic that suffers from very mediocre image and sound quality. The movie has received several prizes at international film festivals but personally I really don’t see why. I found it to be quite boring overall. RCV gives the film its usual budget treatment which means not even a menu is present. Only for Die-Hard cult film lovers.

Our Score:

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