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Cool World

After an accident in 1945 where his mother dies, Frank (Pitt) gets transported to the “Cool World” during an experiment. This world much resembles a cartoon world but he remains there as there’s nothing in the real world for him anymore and he doesn’t want to be confronted anymore with grief and pain so he becomes detective and has to make sure the order in the Cool World remains.

Jack (Byrne) is a cartoonist who’s comics very much resemble Cool World but when he one day gets transported to the cartoonlike world, it becomes clear to him that it is not he who created his comics but that he was influenced by the Cool World. Once there, Jack meets Holly Would (Basinger), the very attractive star from his cartoons, who wants to seduce and have sex with him but what he doesn’t know is that if a toon has sex with a doodle (human), the toon will turn humanoid aswell and have the possibility to return to the normal world. This is exactly what Holly wants and she manages to have sex with Jack despite warnings from Frank but when Holly and Jack return to the normal world, they don’t know a disaster is upon both worlds. Only Frank is capable of getting things back as they should be, but for that he will need to get over his grieves and return to the real world…

Sound and Vision:
The contrast and sharpness of the image are good, but I found the colors to be quite pale and dark. Dirt and damage are almost completely absent except for a couple of short moments. Technically things are ok, but as said: the colors are all but good for the cartoon-part and too dark for the “Real World” scenes.

The soundtrack has most emphasis on the front channels with wide stereo sound and clear dialogues. The surround channels are subtle used for effects and music. Nothing really special but it does do the job although you can’t compare it with modern soundtracks.


Cool World looks dated. The colors don’t really look vivid, the jokes aren’t funny, and the cartoons bother more than that they add to the overall atmosphere. If you’re looking for a good movie which combines cartoons with humans, get “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”

Our Score:

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