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Core, The

All over the world strange things are happening: pigeons flying themselves to death in London, people with pacemakers dying from nothing in Boston, the space shuttle getting off course without any apparant reason,… Geologist Josh Keyes finds out that all these events are happening because of a disfunction of the magnetic that is surrounding the earth and together with the pretentious Dr. Zimsky (a geophysicist) they find out that the core of the earth has stopped turning which will cause all life on earth to cease in just a matter of months. In no time, the army puts together a team which will go deep into the earth and try to restart the core by using nuclear explosions. The team consists of dr. Brazzleton who designed a ship that should make it possible to get to the core, Josh Keyes and Dr. Zimsky, Serge who is a colleague and friend of Keyes and to finish space shuttle commander Iverson and his co-pilot Rebecca. The faith of the earth and all living creatures now rests on these people’s shoulders.

Sound and Vision:
The image is really nice but has some compression errors. The visual effects are what drives this movie and we get plenty of them. Overall, the image quality is very good despite the aforementioned compression errors and some low level noise. As usual, Paramount delivers a technically decent product.

The soundtrack is also a thing to look out for with a movie like this and we can’t complain. The higher notes get out of control from time to time, giving some irritating ticks, but overall we get good spreading and sublime use of the subwoofer.

We start off with an audio commentary track by the director, followed by a rather promotional Making Of called “To the Core and Back”. Several short films cover a number of different aspects of the movie but the deleted scenes are the most noteworthy extras.

Looking for an exciting science fiction movie with unpredictable plot ? Don’t take a look at this, the only thing we didn’t predict was the abscense of a love scene. Every cliché you can think of is present and the storyline is everything but believable. A communication device that gives you the possibility to follow a ship through the core of the earth, a mega-nerd that can control the internet, a metal that can withhold the pressure inside the earth while iron is burning up, and humanity that doesn’t think something major is going wrong while Rome gets completely destroyed by electrical storms… everything is possible in The Core!

If you’re looking for brainless entertainment with some nice visual effects and decent soundtrack, then you might want to check this dvd out.

Our Score:

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