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Corpse Bride, Tim Burton's

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride follows the tradition of the Burton (animation) films and is packed with a lot of dark and witty humour. The story takes place in a 19th Century European village and tells the bizarre tale of Victor. At the dawn (or better evening) of his arranged marriage with Victoria, the fishmonger’s son accidentally marries a corpse. Taken into the Underworld he finds the Land of the Dead more vibrant, colourful and living than the real world. But in the meantime Victor discovers his true feelings about Victoria and tries to escape from the Dead.

Accompanied by a lot of witty dialogue and situation humour, the rather horrific theme is transformed into an enjoyable romantic comedy. It would be wrong to write the movie off as ‘just for older people’ because ‘the young folks’ can enjoy them as well and will not be too afraid to close their eyes and go to sleep after watching this film. A very good movie, but from Tim Burton we do not expect anything less.

Sound and Vision:
Well; a quality film should be watched in excellent conditions and this release clearly provides them. Spotless image and sound quality; both for the main feature and the extras.

This release comes packed with extras that do add great value to the disc and are more than some bits and bytes waiting for some geek to be read while cleaning his room. So, there is not just a trailer but some great small documentaries about this fantastic stop-motion animation film.
– The Two Worlds from the Inside Out
– Danny Elfman interprets the Two Worlds
– How the Animators give Life
– Tim Burton: Dark vs Light: the Showdown
– Voices from Underneath
– Bringing Puppets to Life
– The Voices behind the Voice
– The Corpse Bride Pre-Production Galleries
– Music Tracks
– Trailer

A great film, targeted at children and adults, which delivers an entertaining story in a typical Burton way of storytelling packed with lots of fantastic and imaginative characters. Certainly worth to be seen more than once because – as with all Burton films – it is in the details. Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter do great voice-over work but the film can also rely on a lot of other talent.

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