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cosmopolisEric Packer is a hot shot in Wall Street. He’s incredibly wealthy and does what he feels like. He’s driven around the street of Manhattan in his limo and is on his way to his dad’s old barber downtime to get his hair done. He’s just put all of his money on the Yen going down, a move that quickly turns out to be the wrong one. As the clock ticks away, he’s stuck in traffic and meets all kinds of people, he sees his fortune fade away and starts to realise he’s put his way of living on the line.

David Cronenberg is known as director of several classics in the horror genre like The Fly, Scanners and The Brood. More recently he’s also delivered us interesting thrillers like A History of Violence and Eastern Promises, but Cosmopolis won’t be added to that list.

Cosmopolis is set up as a critical piece against Wall Street and is clearly inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement, but the end result is a boring film that’s mostly set in a limo where the characters that pass by get noticed for saying lines of text without feeling and without making any sense. The cast seems made of robots who talk next to each other and as such you’ll be wondering the majority of the time what it’s all about.

Robert Pattinson is supported by some other big names like Sarah Gadon, Paul Giamatti and Juliette Binoche, but it’s futile. Cronenberg wants to make a statement and does this by using the limo as a guide. At the start it’s beautiful and shiny, by the end it’s little more than a wreck sprayed with graffitti. All very philosophical but we would gladly exchange this for a movie that’s more accessible and where you can at least feel something for the characters.

Cosmopolis tries to attack uncontrolled capitalism but ends up as an unaccessible piece that doesn’t appeal and will be liked by only a véry few people. If you want to see capitalism being attacked, we suggest to check out any Michael Moore movie as they’re more interesting and even based on reality.

We got the DVD sent and can say that the contrast is pumped up quite a lot. The interiors of the limo are extremely dark but the light sources have extremely bright colors. There’s some shadow detail missing but for the rest the image looks nice for a DVD release. Qua sound there’s little to say as the movie is extremely dialogue-oriented. Surround speakers and subwoofer rarely get used.


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