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Covenant, The

Ever since 1692, five families in Ipswitch have had a pact of silence about their witchpowers and this hasn’t made them any poorer. One family, however, didn’t keep their end of the bargain and by not keeping silent, they got hunted down by normal mortals and killed, making their bloodline disappear. The four others have lived in relative peace ever since then, up until now that is. The four last heirs of the families are about to graduate when suddenly a fellow student is found dead after a bonfire party. When two of them suddenly start seeing “darklings” in the body of this student, they realise that something is going on and start looking into the matter. At first they believe it’s one of them who is using his powers, but they quickly realise that an heir of the fifth family has returned to Ipswitch. And he’s up to no good…

Sound and Vision:
Sony has done well with this dvd with sharp image, good contrast and plenty of detail. Edge enhancement or compression errors are hardly present.

The soundtrack is also quite impressive with good use of the surround speakers and subwoofer for support while the dialogues remain crystal clear and well understandable.

– Audio Commentary by director Renny Harlin
– “Breaking the Silence: Exposing the Covenent: quite standard “Making Of” which doesn’t add much other than having the cast and crew bragging about just how great this movie is
– Trailers

Renny Harlin (Deep Blue Sea, Exorcist: The Beginning, Driven) and J.S. Cardone (8mm 2, Alien Hunter) are responsible for this movie and have chosen not to use any well-known actors as is made clear in the extras. Maybe they should have, though, as while they state that the movie should make a point by itself, it doesn’t, and the cast does an average job at best. The storyline doesn’t really make things any better, but with some believeable acting, something good might have come out of The Covenant in the end. The director and producer are especially proud of the special effects and in some way they do save the movie a bit, but when you then check out the Making Of and hear them say that it’s “unlike anything you’ve ever seen”, you start thinking that their knowledge of movies clearly needs some work. The Matrix Revolutions and even the Highlanders movies show off similar effects and the latter also comes very close when it comes to storyline. Yep, nothing new here, we’ve seen it all before and done in a much better way. Still, if you’re looking for a no-brain-necessary action movie filled with a bunch of teenagers that have to “fight for the good of things”, you might enjoy The Covenant.

Sony delivers this dvd with good image and sound quality and although we usually tend to request some decent extras, some more definitely would have hurt us this time as the making of that’s included made us already more sceptical about the whole production than when we wouldn’t have seen it.

Our Score:

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