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Covert Affairs – Season 2

The end of the first season of Covert Affairs saw Annie Walker reunited with her CIA lover Ben Mercer, but the love doesn’t last for long. Arthur Campbell can use Mercer as a covert operative for all kinds of missions that need to remain below the radar so Ben “disappears”, leaving Annie on her own again.

Annie doesn’t have much time to meddle about, though as she gets sent out again from one mission to the next, ranging from protecting a Russian tennis player, over finding moles inside the government, to even helping Augie getting even with the man who made him blind in Iraq.

Meanwhile, she’s having issue with keeping her CIA life secret from her sister and she’s not the only one having issues. Joan Campbell still doesn’t trust her husband fully when it comes to other women, and Arthur’s position is getting under threat when the government is looking to launch an all-out investigation on his actions. Luckily for Arthur, he’s getting some help from an unexpected side, but whether that help will be good in the long run is another matter…

Just as in the first season we see plenty people from other shows making one or more appearances, something that’s apparently supposed to give the series some more weight. Unfortunately this isn’t the case. Covert Affairs keeps lingering on with independent episodes that are filled with just too many coincidences to be credible, and the red line that’s supposed to keep things together this season is more about the politics surrounding Arthur Campbell rather than Annie. As such it’s sometimes like you’re watching two shows for the price of one. But unfortunately at additional discount rate.

We said in our review of the first season that Covert Affairs needed to create its own personality. Well, Annie gets (a tiny bit) more personality, but she’s still far away from being credible as a CIA operative and that goes for the entire show even. Credibility and depth remain the biggest issues with Cover Affairs but if you’re not looking for more than a lightheaded show with a few bits and pieces of action then you may still like it.

The technical specs of season 2 are similar to the first season meaning that the episodes differ in image quality, with grain popping up here and there. We think this was done on purpose to give certain episodes a more gritty feeling, but it just doesn’t come over as such. In the sound department we don’t complain, and the few extras that are present may be fun for the fans but don’t really make much of an impression either. And as such they perfectly fit with the general feeling we have of this TV series.

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