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Cradle 2 the Grave

A bunch of highly skilled thiefs under the guidance of Fait (DMX) are hired to rob a jewelry exchange and get the black diamonds that are located there for a very short time. However, when they are inside the building, everything goes bad: the cops suddenly show up and the gang members only barely manage to escape. Fait goes to one of his contacts to have the black diamonds checked to see what they are worth and afterwards he visits the guy who ordered the robbery. Once there, however, he finds the guy dead and a Taiwanese secret agent (Jet Li) on the spot. It appears the black stones aren’t diamonds at all but rocks that can be transformed to be used in nuclear weapons. Fait finds himself and his crew into something bigger than they could ever imagine and when his daughter even gets kidnapped, he will have to work together with the Taiwanese agent to stop the arms dealer from selling the rocks and securing the safety of his daughter.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is very good with lots of detail, nice contrast, no edge enhancement nor grain. Compression errors are hardly noticeable, we only spotted them because we were looking really hard to find any so I doubt they’ll bother anyone watching this movie.

The soundtrack is very dynamic with lots of effects and good use of the surround speakers and subwoofer while the center speaker gives clear dialogues and front speakers support music and effects.

First of all I would like to say that it’s a real shame, but none of the extras are subtitled. This is definitely something Warner could have done better. Anyway, we start off with “Ultimate Fighting Champions” where we get some more background info on the cage fight where Jet Li has to take on several Ultimate Fighting guys. Next up there’s choreography of the camera and the title gives away the content as this feature gives us the possibility to watch a certain scene at different camera angles at the same time while the director tells us how they choose what camera point would be chosen for which moment. The Descender Rig is a short featurette about the machine they used for Jet Li’s stunt where he descends a building by jumping from terrace to terrace. Last up there’s a DMX music video, a listing of the cast & crew and of course the theatrical trailer. All in all not bad, but subtitling would definitely have improved the experience.

Cradle 2 the Grave is the latest action flick with DMX and Jet Li and to be honest: it’s pretty good if you like action. However, there are other movies that are of equal and better quality so it doesn’t really stand out of the crowd. The extras are pretty interesting although subtitles would have been a nice addition. Overall a decent dvd with good image & sound quality. If you love action, you definitely will want to buy this one. If you’re not into plain action you might first want to rent it to see whether this is your thing.

Our Score:

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