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After a wild party, Kate wants to go to a disco where supposedly George Clooney is hanging around. However, as she can’t find a taxi, she goes to the subway where she falls asleep. When she wakes up, the station is deserted and locked up. When one last train enters the station, she gets on. The train moves off to completely go dead a little further into the tunnel. She isn’t the only one in the underground…

Sound and Vision:
The image is pretty good without noticeable compression errors or things that bother the experience. Some scenes do tend to look a bit soft and the director has played with color filters to give different scenes a different view which sometimes doesn’t help the image overall.

The soundtrack comes in Dolby and DTS. The latter being quite good with excellent use of the subwoofer and rear channels for bass and effects while dialogues are nicely centered.

– Interviews: Main cast & crew give talk about the production. There’s quite a lot of info given but the presentation makes it extremely boring
– Making Of: movie footage combined with interviews with cast & crew. What you get to hear is about the same as in the interviews, but with a lot better presentation so that you actually manage to watch it completely.
– Alternative Beginning & Ending: the director talks about alternative beginnings and endings he has thought about and we get to see storyboards of those as well.
– Frightfest Q&A: a Q&A at a press conference. Not so very interesting.
– Operation Scene: a different and longer view on the operation scene from the movie

Creep is a horror flic that doesn’t run on humour for once. Instead, we get a gore fest with a pretty basic idea (woman gets trapped with a killer and tries to escape – meanwhile people get slashed all around). In the end, it does work up to a certain degree and the performance of Sean Harris as the creep is truly magnificent. Still, a lot of people will not be able to keep watching this due to the gore that at no time gets relieved by some jokes or anything. The tension is constant present but never manages to keep you at the edge of your seat due to the fact that the director has shot everything quite neutral.

As the extras show, the cast & crew wanted to make a serious horror movie and they’ve succeeded in that. The major downpoint of this is that they actually take themselves and their movie too serious.

If you’re looking for some real horror after watching thousands of US Jeepers Creepers-like movies, Creep will no doubt be on the top of your list. If you’re more fond of the “Scream”-type of movies you should definitely stay away from this one.

Our Score:

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