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Creepers (Phenomena)

Jennifer Corvino (Connelly) is the daughter of a famous movie star, but since daddy is always abroad making movies, she gets sent to a Swiss boarding school. When arriving there, she hears that a vicious killer is busy in the surroundings of the school, killing girls of her age. When she discovers that she can communicate with insects, the people at the boarding house believe her to be some kind of devil and try to put her in a mental hospital. She runs away and arrives at the house of Dr. John McGregor, the local entymologist, who believes she can use her gift to track the murderer.

When also McGregor gets killed, she decides she wants to go back to the US before the murderer comes after her. When she calls her father’s attourney to receive money for a plane ticket, he informs the boarding house of her location and she gets picked up by one of the teachers. The next plane to the US will leave the next morning so she’ll spend the night at the house of the teacher, but when they arrive there, a gruesome truth comes on her. But isn’t it too late?

Sound and Vision:
Keeping in mind that this is a low budget horror film, one might say that the image quality could have been worse, and one would probably be right. Still, that doesn’t justify the fact that there are flaws and dirt on the screen and that often the image isn’t sharp.

The soundtrack uses Dolby 2.0 and is plain bad. Not because of the transfer to DVD, but because Dario Argento must have been hit on the head and gone mad. At completely useless moments, hard 80’s rock starts pounding through the speakers while nothing is happening while when things could be intensified more with music, we get nothing or some midi-blieps. Really terrible. Same goes for the synchonsitation of the voices which is really aligned in several scenes. Overall, the sound is really flat and rather sharp and one would rather think this movie dates from the sixties or seventies rather than 1985.

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Dario Argento has made some really great horror movies but although Jennifer Connelly and Donald Pleasance are starring here, this is the weakest I’ve seen from him yet. The storyline is interesting, but the pace is waaaay too slow and the acting is poor. Maybe if someone would give Argento some more money so that he can get some decent special effects and music, he might make something better, but as the movie is now, I would only advise it for Argento-freaks to have their collection complete.

Our Score:

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