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Bobby (Dreyfuss) and his three friends are retired wise guys who now have to do shitty jobs (Burger King, Bus driver, …) to earn their living. They live in an old men’s hotel in Florida but with Florida becoming popular again, prices are rising sky-high. One day, Joey “Bats” (Reynolds) comes up with an idea: nobody wants to live in a hotel where a dead bloke was found so they get a stiff from the morgue, shoot his head off and pretend he was killed in the hotel. The plan seems to work; people are leaving the building faster than a speeding bullet and to top it all they even get $1000 to stay in the hotel and live there ! Their luck has finally turned! Until they find out that the stiff they used was actually the father of a Latin drug lord who wants revenge and when Tony “Mouth” (Seymour Cassel) literally uses his mouth and brags about what they’ve done to his girlfriend Ferris, things get out of hand.

Ferris promises to keep quiet but the guys have to whack her mother in law. Of course they don’t want to do that so instead they kidnap the woman and burn down her house… and the house next door which belongs to… the Latin mobster.

Sound and Vision:
For a budget title we can’t complain. Only in the very beginnen we get to see some compression errors and at the ending some edge enhancement appears. For the rest everything is well-done with good contrast, nice and bright colors and good sharp image quality.

The soundtrack is good but not outstanding. Some more aggression would have been welcome so that the little amount of explosions that we get to see would have had some more effect, but on the other hand the dialogues (which are the most important part of this film) are crystal clear and very understandable.

Filmographies, theatrical trailer and some promo spots is all we get

It’s good to see some older actors play a movie again and certainly when it’s got as much humour as this one has. The cast is great, the storyline funny and some of the jokes very original. You’ll have to be one sour viewer if you don’t manage to even have a little grin on your face when watching this

Our Score:

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