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After Rodrigo (Luna) fucks up a small time hustle in a casino, Richard (Reilly) helps him out. As they leave the casino, Richard tells Rodrigo he’s looking for a new partner and if he can use some money, he can hang along the rest of the day so Richard can see whether they get along fine and things run smoothly. Rodrigo agrees and learns some new tricks in getting other people’s money into your own pockets. As the day passes, it becomes clear to Rodrigo that Richard isn’t to be trusted and that he doesn’t mind hustling anyone he can, but seeing that he can use any money he makes to pay off his father’s debts, he decides to stay with Richard. When Richard gets a call from a former partner, the stakes suddenly get a lot higher…

Sound and Vision:
Pretty sharp and detailed image is what we get eventhough this movie is an low budget feature. Good job from Warner.

The DVD contains a Dolby 5.1 track but since the movie is more about dialogues (plenty of those) than action (little of that), it’s rather normal that the emphasis is on the front speakers. The surrounds only get some action from time to time with a bit of music and the subwoofer hardly ever has to show what it’s capable of. Still, it’s a decent track that does what it needs to do: deliver understandable dialogues at all times.

Nothing, nada, niente

This movie is a low budget US film that was released on Warner’s Independent label. This doesn’t mean anything bad however so don’t turn away just yet. In fact, Criminal is a rather well-made hustle-movie and although the cast isn’t so well-known (except for John C. Reilly) they nicely do their job.

This is Gregory Jacobs’ first movie as a director but the atmosphere and the plot twists clearly show where he got his inspiration: Two other movies he’s worked on called Ocean’s Eleven and Ocean’s Twelve. Yep, that’s right, the man was assistant director to those. Ok, we don’t have an all-star cast and huge budget, but Criminal does manage to keep you interested and as a matter of fact, it comes over a lot more realistic than for instance Ocean’s Twelve, while not being “too serious”. Definitely a movie I would advise to check out, despite the fact that there are no extras available except for a trailer.

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