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Crimson Tears

Crimson Tears, what does that title remind me of? Think, think, think … some WW2 arcade flight simulator I guess but what was it? That is it: Crimson Skies, one I have to put on my list as I still want to play it some day. There are also Crimson Sea and sequels of both games but this review will be about the one and only Crimson Tears. Those of you who know that their preference for games is about the same as mine, if such a gamer exists at all, well for those I can and will be brief: I did not like this game. However, if your taste differs completely from mine, I suggest that you still read the review as you might dislike it too.

When you first start the game, there is a spectacular opening sequence which made me believe that this game actually was going to be good. Not that naïve as it showed possibilities of decent sound and graphics. However, those two minutes where in fact the only true pleasure I got out of this game and God knows I have taken the time to let it convince me of the opposite.

The plot is simple as it usually is when you mention the word anime. You have to fight with a character (you can control three in this particular case) against evil to gain your freedom and that is it. You may like it or you may not but it definitely is superficial. Hey, that doesn’t make this game an exception and definitely not bad.

So, then I started playing and the first thing I noticed are the lousy graphics. I am not claiming it is pixel-porridge but the environments feel very unnatural and are low in detail. Not an issue I would get stuck on but after noticing that all the environments also look very much alike, the alarm-bell in my head started going of. The bad news doesn’t stop because I still have to mention the biggest, and it is a big one, technical flaw of the game: the camera. It is plain and simply fixed all the time which is very, very irritating because when you enter a new room it is sometimes impossible to see the first, thus closest enemies who will get to you before you saw them coming. Of course, when you know that the levels are auto-generated it isn’t hard to see why they lack the potential of the ones especially created by an artist who thought them over. Sure, you will never play the same level twice but I prefer to play a properly created level above tons of different, automatically generated maps of which not one actually feels different or has at least some entertaining value. Auto-generation my arse!

Another reason to start eating your controller out of pure madness is the extreme repetitive gameplay. Not only does it come down to the same button-bashing beat-’em-up, everything takes place in those same, dull environments which you have to visit over and over again, damnation that’s what it is! This game literally is more boring than going to church. Or actually I guess it is but I can’t tell for sure as I have never attended a ceremony … sober because the one time I was forced to come along I was so high that I could actually talk to God himself.

Back to the game, in the beginning you’ll notice that there is a street in which you have to talk to people who can give you side-missions for which you have to visit the same dungeons (or what did you expect) if you want to solve them. More important is the fact that you have to buy items and weaponry from them which you will need if you want to make it out of a level alive.

Gameplay and levels are repetitive and the story isn’t too extensive so it won’t be that surprising that the sound isn’t special either. The same, silly, stupid sound-effects are infinitively recycled and don’t feel original, realistic or even averagely good at all.

Where does this game come down to in the end: buy some stuff, enter a stupid level where you have to fight numerous of stupid enemies (if the camera shows them in time) while you search for the exit but before you can actually leave you have to fight a boss. Hell yeah, that is definitely the game I have been looking forward to my whole life (beyond sarcasm). If you don’t mind wasting your time on something ridiculous and irritating as this game, well then you should rent so you will change your mind.

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