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Croteam on Serious Sam

You finally got a publisher. ODI (from G.O.D. Games) is willing to publish Serious Sam. What made you decide to go with them ?

They are very respectable and who better to sign than with the developers. They understand all the problems we have as developers.

3000AD licensed your engine for use in the next project, project ABC. They are known for making Space combat sims. Do you think they’ll use the Serious Engine for another space sim, or do you think they’re going to make a 3D Shooter ?

I can’t comment on that. You’ll have to chack with Mr. Smart about that. He said that it won’t be FPS or combat sim.

While a lot of people played the test version of Serious Sam, many seem to not remember it’s just a compatibility test, and find the AI of the monsters to be quite stupid. To make things clear : Will Serious Sam have different AI in the final version than in the test version and on what will the emphasis be put ? Tactics or plain fragging ?

We’ll definitely improve on AI. It will be still fragging though.

In our last interview, you mentioned that you would be looking into getting a good netcode for internet play. How’s that coming along ?

It is coming as planned. Coop and LAN are already working.

If Serious Sam is going to be for internet play aswell, how will we have to see that ? The same game, but then just having to frag your opponents in the same maps in DM, or will there be special game modes and/or add-on’s ?

Serious Sam is primarily single play. However, along with DM and COOP, we’ll have ScoreMatch.

Test 2 will have multiplayer support (as you stated in our last interview). When will be seeing that ?

We plan Test 2 for late September.

Will there be tools released to the public so that modmakers and mappers have it easier to create their thing ?

Yes, definitely. At worst, we’ll release them with the game

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