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Croteam on Serious Sam

I’ve read the complete story on Serious Sam. It’s Awesome !!! It’s like reading a sci-fi book from Larry Niven ! Where did you come up with that story ?

It’s our lead programmer, Alen Ladavac, who came up wit it. He used to read a lot when we instead played soccer 🙂

The graphics of Serious Sam look like Final Fantasy meets Outlaws but prettier and much better. How come other developers can’t bring us stuff like this ?

We had to think harder, because we don’t have financial strength. So, we had to come up with something new, still having developed the cutting-edge technology.

The minimum specs for Serious Sam are a Pentium 2 with 64 Mb. In this age that’s ancient material. Will Serious Sam run fluently on such a machine or will it run like some 100-year old grandpa trying to win the Olympic marathon ?

Actually, target will be higher :). Looking this publisher-free situation, by the time we finish it, you all will have P 4.

Serious Sam Brings state-of-the-art graphics together with fast-paced action that we haven’t seen since the days of Doom. How come you Croatians can make something the biggest softwarehouses in the world haven’t been able to make for years ?

This is a big compliment to us. I can really answer that. Maybe, multiplay technology just can’t keep with the visuals.

With multiplayer coming on strong, people will probably wonder what multiplayer Serious Sam will be like. Could you give us an impression on that ?

I won’t lie and tell you we will have brilliant client-server multiplay, as we hardly can get to the Internet. We thought of mix of client-server and peer-to-peer technology – low packets and you can connect anytime. LAN is working, coop will be there, deathmatch is working. But, we all enjoy “Scorematch” here. It will be in the test 2.

Talking about multiplayer : With internet play coming up strong, will the netcode be optimised for internet play ?

I hope we’ll be able to do something.

Will there be a linux server version available ? Many game servers run on Linux (including ours ;p)

Don’t know about server, as explained earlier. But, we are converting our engine on Linux.

You haven’t got a publisher yet. Will you be publishing the game yourself or are you looking for a publisher ?

We are looking for the publisher to finance the rest of development. I think this is a standard option in the industry. We are not looking for something special. I know it is a big risk to invest here, but “who dares, wins”. This I got from “Only fools and horses” 🙂

I can’t wait to play more of Serious Sam, will there be another demo out soon ?

We plan to release test 2 with multiplayer support. After that we’ll release the demo. Meanwhile we’ll release the Serious Editor for public to see what we have as our technology, and also to try creating something for themselves

Your site states Serious Sam will be released in the third quarter of 2000. Can you spare us a more specific date already ?

Because of present difficult situation and people telling us to keep the quality, we’ll slip to next year. I have to use “when it’s done”. We don’t want to jump from the crowd when it comes to slipping 🙂 . Seriously, I will have to update our news page soon, explaining our situation regarding release date.

Thanks for taking your time and answering these questions.

Thanks. Please, visit our pages for news (if you are able), as we’ll update it at least once a week.

We’ll see what we can do 🙂

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