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Cry Wolf

When Owen arrives at his latest new school (he’s been kicked out of quite a few already) he doesn’t really have much trouble finding new friends as after meeting the beautiful Dodger on his first day, he’s quickly accepted in her group. The kids tend to play a game called “Cry Wolf” where one of them is supposed to be the wolf and the rest are sheep. The idea is to lie and decieve so the others don’t figure out who the wolf is. When little later a young woman is found dead in the nearby forest, the youngsters think it might be funny to set up a fake story about a serial killer that’s hanging around on school grounds and will strike again on Halloween. At first this seems pretty harmful but then Owen gets into trouble with the school board who are all but happy with the story he sent out and getting kicked out again is very probable. When Owen then starts to receive strange messages it seems that the real killer may have gotten word of the story and is looking to get back at him and his friends but nobody believes him…

Sound and Vision:
The image is pretty decent without any noticeable compression errors, good contrast and plenty of detail.

The sound nicely uses the surround channels for additional atmosphere but the emphasis does remain on the front speakers which give a nice stereo spreading and crystal clear dialogues from the center.


Cry Wolf starts as a typical high school slasher movie but does manage to keep away from the all too gory scenes were used from such movies and focuses more on the thriller elements. In fact, it’s got lots of elements of a typical “whodunnit” with the usual plot twists. All in all, Cry Wolf is a better movie than you might expect and the cast does a reasonably good job on the acting. Gore effects are down to a minimum so the film is also a good suggestion for those that don’t like too much blood. This budget flic is being delivered just as it is: with decent image and sound quality but without any extras. I would suggest renting it before buying though.

Our Score:

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