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Cube 2: Hypercube

After the release of ‘Cube’ in 1997, Canadian filmmaking has changed forever. The movie became a massive hit and an instant cult-classic.

Eight people are locked inside a labyrint of boxes not knowing that they’re on the playing grounds of gravity and the 4th dimension. A sequel to the popular cult-classic Cube was to be expected but will it live up to the hyped up expectations?

‘This time there are no rules’ is written on the back of the DVD cover. Well, I had the feeling this title also applies to the directing, the screenplay and the acting. Each and every one of these elements scores very poor if you ask me. A good way to review the movie is to sum it all up with one sentence. Just take everything positive about ‘Cube’, turn it topsy-turvy, take that negative side and… you have ‘Hypercube’. I haven’t lost all hope though; there’s a third installment coming towards us and also a mini-series.

I would like to add one big comment here: because Hypercube was produced in Hollywood, we get to see some nice special effects. Strange thing is… we all know that special effects don’t make a movie. Acting and directing are much more important… Hollywood tends to forget that. To be honest I can wait for the third one (or did I just mention that?). Let’s just hope it will be a little better then this piece of shite.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is good enough. Colors are well represented and the overall picture sharpness is excellent.

As far as the sound is concerned, the DVD has a Dolby Digital 5.1 track and a DTS track. Whilst I myself prefer the DTS track, people without DTS hardware can fully enjoy the surround capabilities of this movie.

We get a foto gallery and some trailers. Can these even be called extras?

Sometimes prequels and sequels are necessary, sometimes plot and directing is important but not for Hypercube! While the movie fails to entertain me, the representation on the digital disc is a well done effort from Dutch Filmworks. Big drawback are the extras.

Our Score:

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