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Cube Trilogy Box

Cube (1997)
Seven strangers wake up in a cube-shaped area. They don’t recollect how they got there and it’s clear they all are suffering from amnesia. Before long they find out they’re in a maze filled with cubic chambers and that some of those have deadly traps in them. With all their strengths together, they try to find the exit.

Cube 2: Hypercube (2002):
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Cube Zero (2004)
Prequel to the original movie. Eric Wynn is a young technician who has to keep an eye to the prisoners of the cube together with his colleagues. When Eric finds out that several of his colleagues have disappeared he starts wondering how “just” the use of the cube is and when he finds out that one of the prisoners is innocent, he decides to turn against his superiors and whatever he can to rescue her.

Sound and Vision:
Cube: This is the same print as the original that was released by RCV. The image quality isn’t particularly good and comes in 1.33:1 aspect ratio as opposed to the original movie which was shot in 1.85:1. Also the amount of shadow detail is below all standards. The soundtrack is 2.0 and doesn’t do anything special. Dialogues are clear and understandable at all time but don’t expect great stuff from it.

Cube 2: Hypercube:
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Cube Zero; the image is sharp and looks very good. There’s some minor grain present but it doesn’t ruin the viewing experience. A very nice soundtrack that does exactly what it needs to be. Good spatial sound and nice use of effects when necessary.

Disc 1 – Cube: only some trailers are present
Disc 2 – Cube 2: Hypercube: see our full review
Disc 3 – Cube Zero: again only some promotional trailers
Disc 4 – Bonusdisc:
– Interview met Andrzej Sekula: Andrez Sekula directed the second movie (Hypercube) and he talks about his motivation to make the film along with some anekdotes about shooting it.
– Biographies of Vincenzo Natali and Andrzej Sekula
– Short movie “Elevated” by Vincenzo Natali: Natali’s student movie is one of the best extras on this disc. It shows a couple of people that are trapped inside an elevator and the tension that arises between them.
– Cube: Storyboards: storyboard pictures that can’t be skipped. Also a never created scene is present as well as some comparisons between board and final scene. All fragments are spoken French which is quite annoying.
– Cube: Deleted Scenes: three deleted scenes from the first movie
– Cube: Photo Gallery
– Cube 2: Storyboards: storyboard from one scene and again spoken in French
– Cube 2: Deleted Scenes: 7 of them but most are rough version of scenes that did make the movie
– Cube 2: Photo Gallery
– Cube 2: Hypercube Making Of: Nice feature where some of the crew give some ideas behind the opening credits. Also how some of the effects were created are part of this feature as well as some info on the 3D version of the set.
– Explanation Hyperkubus: A mathematical approach to how a Hypercube is formed. The fact that it’s French doesn’t really help
– Cube Zero: Photo Gallery
– Trailers
– Trivia: some trivia on the Cube-movies

First of all, I would like to say that over here in the Benelux this box is the ultimate Cube box. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the best out there. Dutch Filmworks made it easy on themselves by taking several extras from the French releases and didn’t even care to do it properly seeing that several of the extras are spoken French (with an English-speaking cast…)

The movies themselves are bundled together but on the image and sound quality nothing has been improved or whatever. If you already own the films on dvd and aren’t interested in the bonus disc, then don’t bother checking this out.

When you don’t have the movies already, this is a nice box that will bring you up to speed with one of the best cult-movies of late (the original Cube movie) and although the sequel doesn’t add much, the prequel (Cube: Zero) does manage to give an interesting twist to the whole story and especially the beginning of the original film.

Our Score:

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