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Ever since she saw a dead body lying on the street when she was young, Gabriela (Angel Jones) has been obsessed with murders. She collects every news paper article about killings and loves to watch horror movies; the more gore, the merrier. When she accidentally sees an advertisement of a company that cleans up after murders, she immediately leaves her current job at a bakery and starts working as a cleaning lady, although she’s more interested in knowing how the murders were done that actually cleaning. One day, she gets the chance to do the house where the latest victim of the “Blue Blood” killer lived. The Blue Blood Killer goes after rich women, stabs them multiple times and finishes the job by chopping off their head. No need to say Gabriela is extremely interested in doing the house of his last victim. However, what she doesn’t know is that the killer has some cleaning up to do of his own and that while she goes back to the house at night, he’s there aswell…

Sound and Vision:
Although the picture is in certain scenes too soft and lacks detail, overall we can’t complain. The colors are bright and the contrast good while compression errors and grain or film spots are abscent.

The surround track sounds hollow and unreal which is a shame. Certain scenes you’ll even have difficulty understanding Gabriela as she speaks with a Columbian accent and the quality of the sound doesn’t really make it any easier. Too bad.


Curdled is written by Quentin Tarantino and even has a link to another movie written by him, From Dusk till Dawn. Anyways, in true Tarantino tradition, the storyline is completely crazy and the characters even worse… which is great! The movie only lasts for 90 minutes but it’s 90 minutes of fun, waiting for something to happen and at the very end, you’ll be wanting more. This movie immediately reminded me of the feeling I got from episodes of Twilight Zone. You crave for more but can’t get any… Get this dvd!

Our Score:

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