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Jimmy and his sister Ellie (Ricci) are making a life for themselves after their parents died. Ellie works for a television studio while Jimmy is the undeniable nerd at the local school. One night, they’re driving home through the Hollywood hills when they have a car crash. Nothing serious for them, but the passenger of the other car is traped in her car after it fell downhill into the woods. After calling the police, Ellie and Jimmy manage to free the girl in the car but just when they want to get her out, some huge wolf-like being grabs her. In the following fight, both Jimmy and Ellie get several scratches but do manage to get out in one piece.

Little later, however, they start experiencing strange things. Their senses have hightened, their stronger, and they seem to have a huge sexual attraction to other people. It’s becoming clear to Jimmy that the wolf-like being was in fact a werewolf and that both of them are now also cursed by the mark of the beast…

Sound and Vision:
There are some minor compression errors but nothing that spoilts the fun. Grain isn’t present and the level of detail and depth are very good. Despite the many dark scenes, there’s no problem following the action and although it’s clear that the werewolf is created with CGI, it does still look quite decent.

The dolby digital 5.1 track creates a nice thrilling atmosphere with a lot of use of the surround speakers for music and effects while the front channels create a nice stereo image with dialogues coming perfectly out of the center speaker. Also the subwoofer nicely gets its piece of the action.

None, not even a menu

Knowing that RCV dares to release recent horror flics with only stereo sound, I was quite happy to discover a full 5.1 track that even is quite good. Wes Craven who’s known from horror classics as Nightmare on Elm Street and the more recent Scream series, brings back the myth of the werewolf to the screen and this attempt isn’t even that bad. However, don’t expect any gory scenes as we’re getting the PG13 version here which has about the same amount of gore as the average action movie. So in conclusion, you could say this is a nice teenage horror flic with a rather small budget that does manage to rise above average due to the decent cast and the craftwork of Craven.

As always with these releases from RCV, we don’t get any extras and even the trouble of making a menu seems to have been too much for the company. Too bad.

Our Score:

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