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Cynic Gamer: Hail to the King, Baby!

After 14 years of development, Duke Nukem Forever has finally arrived and it’s a total bust. According to the review scores, that is.

At the time of writing, 12 critics have put up their score on Xbox 360, resulting in an average metacritic score of 50%. Wow, that’s like… awful! If you look at the PC version, however, 4 critics have put up their findings and that gives a metacritic score of 76%.

There’s no denying that 14 years of development time and tons of hype make that a game can hardly ever manage to fulfill expectations. In a world where new technology comes out every year, it’s impossible for a game to keep up for so long. Several engine changes and even a change in developer cannot fix that.

BUT! What’s wrong with this picture? Well, simply said it’s the fact that the majority of all reviewers have checked out Duke Nukem Forever on Xbox360. Hello? Doesn’t anyone remember that Duke is originally a PC Game? And that’s it’s PORTED to Xbox360? And that just like many multiplatform games, such a port comes at a cost (usually at the expense of the PC version!)?

Two of the main problems listed in the reviews are long loading times and issues with framedrops. Well… that was to be expected! 2K Games wanted it to be multiplatform in the hopes that they could cash in some extra money! And if they now come nagging that the reviews aren’t so good, tough luck!

For once it’s not the PC that gets crippled, but the console version and the fact that you guys (2K Games and/or their PR agencies) send out the majority of reviewcopies on console just serves you right that the game gets an awful score. Just too bad that the game itself hurts from this.

I’m using Duke Nukem Forever and 2K Games as an example here but in fact this is a disease that runs through the entire gaming industry. Game publishers and their PR agencies seem to have a grudge against the PC as gaming platform. They hardly ever send out PC versions for review of multiplatform titles these days unless the PC port comes out long after the console version (so it creates additional visibility for the title, including the console version), or when a journalist specifically asks for the game on PC and the publisher/PR agency is in a good mood.

In most cases this isn’t such a big problem as games usually are made with console in mind first, but when it’s the other way around it can make for a disastrous result regarding the perception towards such a game.

14 years of development and Duke Nukem Forever gets treated like shit by its publisher. The game gets released during the busiest week in the year for the gaming industry (E3) and gets reviewed primarily on its secondary platform. If I were Duke, I would kick my publisher in the nuts and then say “Come get some”

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