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When a serial cop killer slashes the girlfriend of police officer Jake Malloy (Stallone), Jake becomes a psychological wreck. He starts drinking, looses his temper, and has trouble doing his job. When he tries to commit suicide, his friend and colleague Charles Hendricks (Charles Dutton) tells him about a recently set up place where cops can go to get rid of their addictions. Jake realises that he doesn’t have much choice and decides to go to the d-tox center where he’ll remain for a while together with some other cops which have drug addictions.

Shortly after Jake’s arrival, “suicides” start to take place amongst the inhabitants and Jake soon realises that the serial killer is amongst them. While a heavy snow storm is raging and has cut communications to the outside world, Jake will have to pull himself together and catch the killer before he catches him.

Sound and Vision:
The movie has many dark scenes, but the contrast and clarity of the image are very good and the colors look quite natural. Except for some minor undisturbing grain in some scenes there’s nothing bad to be said about this dvd qua image quality.

There’s no DTS track available, but the Dolby Digital 5.1 EX track itself is already sublime. The surround channels are aggressively used in split-surround and the same goes for the subwoofer who often comes in action to blow you away. Dialogues are positioned from the center speaker while the music score is widespread over the different channels. Definitely top sound quality for DD5.1

Next to the trailer we get a bunch of deleted scenes which have incredibly horrible image quality. Nothing special

D-Tox may not be the ultimate highlight of a thriller, but the movie overall is very enjoyable. Stallone again plays a cop who isn’t John Rambo but who has his flaws and to be honest, it’s probably one of the most underestimated roles he’s ever played. Good stuff.

Our Score:

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