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Da Vinci Code, The

When Jacques Saunière gets murdered inside the Louvre, history specialist Robert Langdon is requested to attend the murder scene by Captain Bezu Fache: on the ground there are several codes written the Langdon may explain, but more important: Langdon’s name is present as well which makes Fache think Langdon is the murderer. Langdon doesn’t know this but agent Sophie Neveu who was related to Saunière believes the message the dead man wrote is a sign that Langdon has a message for her. After all, Langdon was supposed to meet Saunière that day.

Veneu decides to help Langdon stay out of the hands of Fache and together they head off to unravel the mystery of the puzzle Saunière has laid out. A puzzle that will lead them to a religious secret that has been protected for centuries and may shake the foundations of Christianity.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is almost perfect with hair sharp details, no compression errors and good use of colors and contrast. Great job!

Also the audio is very well done with an ambiant 5.1 track that makes perfect use of the different channels for music as well as effects.


Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code was a major bestseller and this of course had to result in a movie. At the box office, the Da Vinci Code did very well and I’m sure Sony won’t be disappointed by the DVD sales but personally I was very disappointed by the movie. The actors seem to be doing their job on auto-pilot except for Ian McKellen who does a splendid job. Hanks has made Langdon a rather smart version of Forrest Gump while Tatou tends to break the limits of over-acting at times. Paul Bettany on the other hand plays like a robot and doesn’t manage to uplift his character above the average robot-like extremist.

I haven’t read the book myself but if the movie is anything like it, I’m really wondering what’s so special about it. Is it “shocking” that the catholic church isn’t a bunch of good guys? I really don’t think so. Is the plot so amazingly special that we haven’t seen anything like it in years? Actually, I found it quite predictable. So, what makes The Da Vinci Code so special? Honestly, I wouldn’t know. In my opinion it’s a rather mediocre thriller that does its job but doesn’t stand out in any way.

The DVD itself stands out in the image and sound department, but if you want some extras, you’ll have to go for the more expensive special editions.

Our Score:

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