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Daddy Day Camp

Charlie and his partner Phil opened their own day-care centre a while ago. In the meantime their sons have grown up a bit and want to go on summer camp. However, Charlie had some bad experiences at summer camp when he was young and wants to spare his son the embarrassment. They decide to become partners of the neglected camp Driftwood and set it up as their own. Everything that can go wrong goes wrong and on top of it all, a nearby rival camp challenges them for a dual-fair. To win this competition they ask Charlie’s dad, who is in the military, for help. And you know what happens when the military gets involved…

Sound and Vision:
Nothing special to be said about the image and sound. The DVD is exactly what you would expect from a recent release with bright colors, good contrast, some minor compression errors and grain in certain scenes. The soundtrack does its job as it should with clear dialogues and some use of the surrounds where necessary without doing anything out of the ordinary.

A making of and an interactive quiz. Quite a standard package for a comedy like this.

If you liked Daddy Day Care this sequel might charm you. Everything is quite predictable and the jokes are kind of cliché but this type of comedy lives on that. The acting isn’t bad though and you can consider this movie a nice break if you haven’t got anything else to do

Our Score:

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