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Paul Marsh is a computer genious who’s just gotten rich with his dot-com company and together with his wife, Barbara, he’s on holiday together with his business partner. On the coast of Spain, they see a little village but little later a storm pushes the boat against a reef and Vicky, the wife of his partner Howard, gets her leg jammed inside the boat. While the water is pouring into the vessel, Paul and Barbara decide to row to the village to get some help.

Once in the strange town, they get some help from a priest who sends Paul off with some fishermen back to the boat and Barbara is directed to a hotel where she will be able to call the police and ambulance. Back at the boat, Paul finds no trace anymore from his friends and when he returns to town, the priest tells him to go to the hotel to wait for Barbara who’s apparantly gone to another city to get help. Once in the hotel, it doesn’t take long before Paul realises something is wrong and when he sees strange people starting to come after him, he runs like hell to save his life.

While trying to escape, Paul meets Ezequiel who tells him the story of Imboca (the village) where the people who used to worship Jezus turned their back on God to worship the god Dagon who demands human sacrifices but promises eternal life in the sea. Paul realises that if he doesn’t get away soon, he’ll be the next victim of the town’s people but what he doesn’t know is that the woman he’s been having nightmares of lately actually lives in this town and that there are more unpleasant secrets that will be revealed to him in the near future.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is surprisingle good with no edge enhancement or grain present, hardly any compression errors and good brightness although most of the movie is played in the dark during a heavy storm.

The soundtrack can be listened to in Dolby Digital or DTS and sounds a bit too hollow in the beginning but turns out ok after a while. All channels are used in an agressive way and give a very good impression of the atmosphere. Also the subwoofer comes into action although maybe not enough.

The interviews with the cast & crew on the dvd are seperately viewable but set up rather boring. While most dvd’s have interviews where people talk very lively and passionate about the movie they’re making, here they are kinda… boring… one can fall asleep almost while hearing them. Next up is the “Making Of” which is only some footage behind the scenes. No extra information or anything. Then we get some filmographies and trailers. A bit disappointing.

Dagon is based on a short story by H.P. Lovecraft and once you know that, it should be obvious to you that this is part of his Cthulhu series of stories which gave him the title of “Master of the Macabre”. So don’t say you didn’t know what kind of movie this is. Gore is very present (the guy that gets his entire face ripped off while still being alive is gruesome). The storyline is very good with some surprising twists and angles although the “trying to escape” sequence could have been shortened a bit. The overall technical quality of the DVD is good and the only real downpoint here are the extras.

Our Score:

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