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Dante's Cove Season 1

Kevin Archer isn’t happy at home and decides to leave for Dante’s Cove where he’ll be living together with his friend Toby in the Hotel Dante near the beach. However, they quickly find out that the hotel has a pretty terrible history and when they start looking into that, they open the door for the dark powers of the past to reign chaos and destruction in the little beach town…

Sound and Vision:
The series looks pretty nice, with very bright colors, plenty of detail and sharp images. We didn’t spot any compression errors and I guess that’s about the best thing there is to say about this dvd.

The sound is quite flat and hollow and really doesn’t sound good. Dialogues are understandable, but the 2.0 track doesn’t really do a great job.


I probably should have suspected something to be not quite alright when I noticed there were only two discs with one episode on each while this is being called “season one” but I didn’t bother and put the first disc in my dvd player and started watching. Dante’s Cove first appears to be a series about witches and supernatural powers so imagine my surprise when after ten minutes I had already seen no less than three soft gay sex scenes! It’s like Gay Heaven on TV!

I wondered when the actual storyline would start to unfold but another ten minutes and two more gay sex scenes later I was still in the blue. Therefore I decided to start skipping forward and by the time I had reached the end of the first episode, I had made my conclusion: almost everyone in this series is either gay or bisexual, there are plenty of (homosexual) sex scenes, and you can forget about decent acting or a storyline. Hell, even the porn movies with Jenna Jameson seem to have a better story!

Our Score:

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