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Dante's Peak (Special Edition)

The little town of Dante’s Peak is a great place to live and the fact that it’s received an award for that makes it even better. Major Rachel Wando (Hamilton) has to attend several festivities due to the city winning the award and meanwhile she has to care for her children and keep her bar open. Quite a lot of work for only one woman, but hey… we’re talking about the woman that got rid of the Terminator 😉

When Harry Dalton (Brosnan) comes to town, the joy gets a bit less as he predicts the dormant vulcano to explode, destroying the town. Although all expert material show that there’s no activity in the vulcano, he stays with his idea making him all but loved in town as rumours about a vulcano eruption might cause an investor to back down and the 800 new jobs he brings with him would be lost aswell.

Meanwhile, a couple that was making love in a pool gets fried. Dalton sends in an entire team of vulcano experts, but still nothing can be seen on the equipment they bring along. Until the day before the team leaves as the vulcano finally erupts and no evacuation plan has been set up.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality of the original release of Dante’s Peak on DVD was already good, but this is better (although there was little to improve). Color balance and details are good, no grain is present and the only minor downpoint is the layer change which comes at a quite unfortunate moment.

The soundtrack is also good but could use a bit more punch with the explosions and such. The positioning of the sound is very good with use of all channels.

“Getting Close To The Show” is a Making Of documentary which lasts for more than an hour and has interviews with cast & crew and information about special effects and certain scenes. For the rest we get storyboard comparisons for several scenes which show the difference between the board and the final result. Last there’s the obligatory trailer and a couple of posters.

The storyline is as cliché as cliché can get. Small town is threatened by vulcano. Nobody believes the loner who falls in love with the mayor. Vulcano erupts and everyone gets saved. Happy Happy Joy Joy. Still, the special effects make the dvd worth its money

Our Score:

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