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Daredevil (SE)

Blinded by radioactive waste, Matt Murdock (Ben Affleck) and his father make a promise to each other: they will never quit. Bound by this oath, Matt’s father gets back in the boxing ring to reclaim his championship but that’s without thinking of the mobster he used to work for: after he wins, Matt’s father gets murdered. From that point on, Matt decides that his enhanced senses will be used to get rid of injustice.

While living his life as an attourney during the day, helping the innocent from cruel mafia people, at night he changes himself into Daredevil, the masked avenger. When he meets a woman called Elektra, he falls in love with her but what he doesn’t know is that her father is a member of the syndicate of the Kingpin, the big boss of the New York crime scene. When an article about Kingpin gets printed in the newpaper, Elektra’s father wants to leave the syndicate but that’s without counting Kingpin himself. He hires a contract killer called Bullseye to kill him and although Matt – in the form of Daredevil – tries to save Elektra and her father, he can’t help getting her father killed. Even worse, Elektra believes it is him who killed her father. Matt now not only has to protect his beloved but also has to make it clear to her it is not he who killed her father.

Sound and Vision:
The start of the movie contains quite a lot of aliasing (in the form of moiré) but after the initial intro sequence this hardly is seen further. Also some minor compression artefacts are present but hardly annoying. For the rest we get a dvd with very good quality without edge enhancement or grain and with bright colors, good detail and level of darkness.

The soundtrack is beautiful with loads of effects coming from the rear speakers and lots of use of the subwoofer. Also the dialogues are warm and crystal clear while being positioned from the center speaker. Definitely worth listening to and good to test your surround system with.

This 2-disc special edition is really packed with a buttload of extras starting with an enhanced viewing mode where you can interrupt the movie at certain times to get some more behind-the-scenes stuff and an audio commentary track from director Mark Steven Johnson and producer Gary Foster. Also a text-track is available on the first disc and this gives some extra information on the movie aswell.

Disc two is divided in two parts – much like Spider-Man – one giving info on the comics while the other is more based on the movie. We start off with Beyond Hell’s Kitchen, The Making Of Daredevil which is an above average “Making Of” with more than enough stuff in it to keep things interesting. This feature can also be checked out in the aforementioned Enhanced Viewing Mode to get even more behind-the-scenes stuff. Furthermore there’s a rather promotional HBO First Look Special and another featurette which tells you all about the history of the Daredevil comic books including interviews with Stan Lee, John Romita, etc. You can check out two scenes in multi-angle, check out a screentest of Jenifer Garner and see Michael Clarke Duncan talk about his character, Kingpin. “Moving Through Space” shows us how much detail was put in the movie to make Matt Murdock be as believable as possible as a blind man while the short featurette “Shadowworld” shows us the virtual world that was created to give the viewers the idea of how Matt Murdock sees the world.

Of course tons of concept sketches, artwork, storyboards, etc couldn’t be left out and they makers of the dvd didn’t want to leave us without some background information on five lead characters. Last up there’s some promo material in the form of three video clips and three trailers. More than enough to keep you before your screen for quite a while.

Daredevil is one of the latest Hollywood movies based on a Marvel character. The film shows a bit of the youth of Matt and how he became blind to skip further to one of the current storylines where Daredevil’s fight against Kingpin almost makes him mad. A nice touch if you ask me. True Daredevil fans will however notice some strange things that have changed in the Marvel Universe: Kingpin suddenly became a black man (unless Marvel has been using the wrong color for 20 years, Kingpin is white) and although Ben Affleck nicely tries to portray the darkness in Matt Murdock’s heart, he doesn’t manage to show the insanity Daredevil experiences in his fight against Kingpin.

Overall the dvd is a very fine piece of work and if you’re looking for some good entertainment, this is one you can’t leave out of your collection.

Our Score:

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