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Dark Breed

When a space ship from NASA suddenly aborts its mission and flies back to earth, Captain Nicholas Mason (Scalia) is sent out to retrieve its crew. Before long, Nick finds out that the entire crew, including his wife, is infected by by an alien parasite and wants to colonize earth. Together with a couple of his crew he starts a hunt for the crew but when he finds out his bosses actually wanted to capture one of these aliens alive to make perfect soldiers, his own life becomes at stake. When things are as bas as they can get, he suddenly gets help from his ex-wife who has been infected by a similar alien that wants to fight against the Dark Breed and kill them.

Sound and Vision:
While the image quality is reasonably decent, the soundtrack is awful. The surround effects seem to be badly positioned and the dialogues sound like they’re constantly coming through a radio speaker.

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If you bring together a bunch of stuntmen, couple them up with a couple of special effects guys, and forget all about screenplay, dialogues or storyline, a sci-fi movie like Dark Breed is probably what you’ll end up with. Bad acting, no storyline, stupid dialogues. Not even something you would want to rent

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