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Dark Hours, The

Dr. Samantha Goodman is a pretty successful psychiatrist but she gets quite a big blow in the face when she finds out that the tumor that has been in her body for some time already has started to expand again after being stable for a long time. She decides to hook up with her husband and sister who are working in their cabin on his new book. Once there, however, they suddenly get a visit from one of Samantha’s former patients who accuses her of having done experiments on him and clearly hasn’t got good intentions.

Sound and Vision:
There are several color filters used for different scenes and these go pretty well along with the atmosphere of the movie. Despite several very dark scenes there’s plenty of detail present and we didn’t spot any obnoxious compression errors.

The movie is dialogue-centered so don’t expect too many special effects in the sound but the overall track is pretty good.


The Dark Hours is a psychological thriller that goes on for about 77 minutes and although this sounds to be pretty short, the end part could have been cut a bit more. It’s clear that the director didn’t have enough stuff to make a full-length feature film but despite this fact the movie does make a good impression. The acting is decent, the storyline pretty convincing with a good – although a bit predictable – plot twist and overall this is one of the better indie thriller/horror movies we’ve seen lately. Definitely worth renting. Dutch Filmworks released The Dark Hours with a “Collector’s Edition” carboard cover around the box but other than that there’s little “collecting” to be found as there are no extras present.

Our Score:

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