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Dark Knight, The

Batman, Lt. Gordon and district attorney Harvey Dent have been doing tremendous work in Gotham City, cleaning up the criminals that were roaming the street. It’s going even so far that normal citizens are dressing up as Batman and are fighting against criminals as well. With their backs against the wall, the big crime bosses have few options left when one day a new criminal mastermind by the name of The Joker arrives and offers them a deal: Batman in exchange for half of all their money. They see no other opportunity than to go along with this but they have no idea what they’ve unleashed. The Joker starts a reign of terror against Gotham and nobody seems to be safe. When several public figures are killed, The Joker demands that Batman shows his face to the general public and it looks like Bruce Wayne has no other choice than to give up his secret identity.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality of this Blu-ray disc is superb. Nothing more to say about it, I’ve never seen a movie looking this great. There’s absolutely nothing that spoils the fun and if there’s one movie you can show off your TV with it’s this one.

Almost the same can be said about the soundtrack. Although there’s no DTS track present (which would probably be even more aggressive) the lossless Dolby TrueHD sound is phenomenal.

– Batman Tech
– Batman Unmasked: The Psychology of the Dark Knight
– Gotham Tonight
– Galleries

Except for the phsychology of the Dark Knight which looks at the movie through the eyes of real psychology the extras are really not worthy of a movie of this calibur. The feature on the gadgets may be nice but the “Gotham Tonight” cable news and all the galleries filled with concept art, photo’s make that we believe more could be had. We’ve seen lesser movies get a better treatment in the “extras” department

Batman Begins was a great reboot of the classic franchise and The Dark Knight proceeds on that elan. Where the start of the first movie was still quite slow, this time we’re dropped straight into the action and it doesn’t stop until the last minute. Christopher Nolan has delivered a masterpiece when it comes to superhero movies and the fact that we get a fantastic cast with Heath Ledger doing a magnificent impression of The Joker of course helps with that.

Qua release, the extras are a bit less than a movie of this scale deserves, but the image and sound are of such quality that we don’t mind forgiving Warner for not adding some more interesting stuff. A Must-have for any fan of great movies

Our Score:

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