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Dark Reign 2

I’m sorry to say, but this might be the shortest review I’ve ever made. What’s there to say about a game that’s near perfection?

Since the original Command & Conquer, there have been several games that tried to take a bite out of the success the RTS-genre had, and except for C&C’s successors (except for Tiberian Sun which in my opinion just tried to milk the C&C-licence out) only Starcraft succeeded in this. Even the original Dark Reign was just some kind of copy of C&C with another storyline (although it was fun).

Dark Reign 2 ends where Dark Reign stopped, and it seems that everything stopped. Except for the storyline (along with the kind of things you can build), there’s practically nothing that makes you think of a follow-up.

This game is probably the first ever to use 3D graphics which we have until now only seen in the best helicopter flightsims. Instead of scrolling over a 2D screen, you’re now floating over a real 3D landscape with mountains and everything you’ld expect from a flightsim. If I didn’t know better, I’ld suspect you could even climb in one of your vehicles and start driving or flying πŸ™‚

Next to that, you’ve got the possiblity to zoom in onto your soldiers to check out the action from nearby, and if even that’s not enough to pursuade you to buy this game : the in-game sequences don’t just cut of the game to give you a movie. No way, these sequences start where your units were left and use them as of their last standing point. I must say that I personally have never seen anything like this !

Combine this with AI that you can modify to fit your personal needs (wether you’re a looser or a die-hard RTS-player) and an interface that can even be handled easily by a 5-year old and you’ve got one hell of a game !

Is there nothing negative about this game ? Well, I had some problems joining a multiplayer game on WON. I could join the chat room and join a game and stuff, but after forming an alliance I had to click “Launch” and that was that… I remained in the chat lobby… After some reading of the manual (RTFM) I found out that ALL players had to klick the “Launch” button before the game would start so this was normal. Personally I find multiplayer kewl, but all players having to click launch before a game start or you go to the next screen is abit looking for problems in my eyes. Any player can easily hold up your game this way.

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