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Dark Ride

Cathy and her friends are off to have fun during Spring Break but decide to make a quick stop at an abandoned amusement park to spend the night in the legendary Dark Ride where a bunch of kids were killed a couple of years ago. However, things don’t remain funny when they realise that the murderer has escaped from the mental institution he was put in, and has come back to the Dark Ride to live there again.

Sound and Vision:
The image is pretty decent with plenty of detail and good contrast ratio. No compression errors were spotted and there’s little to complain about in the image department.

Pretty much the same can be said about the sound which does its job nicely.


B-movies. You either love them or you hate them. Some have gotten some sort of cult status even but that’s mostly because they’ve got something original, decent acting, a surprising plot, or are just plain great on a small budget. Dark Ride, however, isn’t one of those. This film takes most of the cliches from the horror movie genre, mixes them together with a sauce of average acting and tries to put an emotional strain of the lead character on top as the cherry on the pie. The whole, however, falls down like a badly baked cake.

The idea behind the film isn’t bad, but except for Jamie-Lynn “Sopranos” DiScala, the acting is below par while the plot twists are mediocre at best. Add to that a couple of visual effects that don’t really add to the atmosphere (rather break it than make things more intense) and you’ve got a film you really don’t want to buy before having checked it out as a rental first.

DFW delivers a decent box with good image and sound quality and luckily for me there weren’t any extras that I had to check out as I probably would have killed myself while hearing the cast saying what a great movie it is in yet another promotional Making Of. The best part of this DVD for me was to find out that Andrea Bogart has a nice pair of titties.

Our Score:

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