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Dark, The

Adèle and her daughter Sarah go out to visit James, Adèle’s former husband and Sarah’s dad, in the middle of nowhere on the cliffs near a Welch town. Little after their arrival, Sarah falls in the water and disappears. While James launches as massive search party with the people of the town, Adèle meets a young girl called Ebrill who appears to have died 60 years ago. As Adèle gets to know Ebrill, it becomes clear to her that the Welch myths aren’t just myths and that Sarah is alive and can be saved. But the cost may be very high…

Sound and Vision:
The image contains a couple of compression errors but never bothering or worse enough to spoil the fun. For the rest we get very sharp pictures that could almost be used as foto’s of the landscape, great stuff 🙂

The soundtrack uses a lot of bass and nicely adds to the atmosphere, unfortunately it does also heighten tension at times that really aren’t that exciting and this leaves us with a feeling that’s quite a letdown

– Interviews with the cast & crew: quite boring parts where the cast & crew talk about the movie
– Film Clips
– Alternative Ending
– B-Roll
– Trailers

Daughter disappears, dead girl comes back from the dead, tough mommy goes out of her wits to get daughter back although the relation between the two wasn’t all too great. Meanwhile, daddy has no clue of what’s going on. The Dark tries to entangle Welch myths with modern day horror a bit like the Japanese Ringu-movies. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work. The storyline is a bit frantic and the acting doesn’t rise above average which results in a pretty mediocre horror flic of which we’ve seen dozens already. The good (and bad) thing is that the soundtrack does manage to open up all registers and constantly creates a scary atmosphere with every trick in the book. Unfortunately, this is constantly overdone and after a while starts to get on your nerves as everytime something is bound to happen, nothing happens.

RCV has released the dvd with decent image and sound quality as well as some extras but the latter aren’t really too interesting.

Our Score:

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