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Dark Water

Dahlia Williams is about to get divorced and she wants to get custody over her daughter. To obtain this, she moves to a cheap appartment and gets herself a new job to be able to pay for everything. Things aren’t great, but she manages to get by, but it doesn’t take long before problems start. Her appartment has a bad leak that constantly grows bigger and the local caretaker doesn’t want to do anything about it until she finds out that the appartment above her is completely flooded. The leak gets fixed and things return to normal, but not for long. The leak returns and strange things start happening. Her daughter has a new imaginary friend, there’s a pink “Hello Kitty” bag that constantly manages to come back, and it seems that Dahlia is loosing her mind… or is there really something supernatural happening?

Sound and Vision:
The image is altered a bit to make things look cold and unpleasant. This isn’t a problem for the image quality though and except for some grain we didn’t spot any problems.

The soundtrack is good and supports the tension of the movie but doesn’t make up for the bad movie

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Boring! That the least you can say about Dark Water! Americans have recently discovered Asian cinema and started remaking recent Japanese hit movies and place them in a US environment to make things more “accessible to the public”. That this can be done with movies like The Ring or The Grudge is not bad, but one should understand that not every movies lends itself for this “makeover” and Dark Water is a perfect example for that.

The original film thrives on the tension that the mother has in her new situation combined with the strange happenings in the building she and her daughter recently moved to. In Japan’s male-driven society that also still has a lot of mystic aspects, this storyline works although even the Japanese version tends to be boring at times. In a US environment however, this doesn’t work at all and the slow pace makes it hard to watch as you’ll either fall asleep or turn off the dvd to go do something else. Need we say more?

Our Score:

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