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Regina and her family move back to Spain where they’ve bought a house which has been deserted for a very long time. Only a couple of days after they arrive, her father starts to act cranky and it becomes clear he’s got some disease which often raises his temper and makes him loose control of himself. To make things worse, her brother wakes up with bruises on his neck and states that there are children in his room that come out of the dark at night and do this to him but nobody believes him. Regina thinks her father is the cause of the bruises but when she and her boyfriend start to investigate, they stumble upon some very strange things and it becomes clear her brother’s life is in danger.

Sound and Vision:
Darkness of course contains a lot of dark scenes and although the colors are a bit on the cold side, the overall image is sharp and has enough detail without being bothered by edge enhancement. Compression errors are down to a minimum aswell so we can only say that overall the quality is above average.

The soundtrack is not so very impressing qua surround effects but contains enough to be creepy and the subwoofer gets a bit of the action aswell, although not aggressively. Overall the track shines by being subtle.

The extras start off with a Behind-the-Scenes which is rather interesting after which we can check out some interviews with main cast & crew. Furthermore on the disc are the original theatrical trailer, some more trailers & TV spots and filmographies.

Darkness is a less known horror movie with several elements that seem to come straight from The Shining but the storyline is different enough to keep the viewer interested. Technically the dvd is ok without being superb on anything specific but we do appreciate the image quality which doesn’t contain edge enhancement (which is not so obvious as a lot of companies use this in dark scenes) and has a minimal amount of compression errors. Definitely interesting to rent.

Our Score:

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