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Dawn of the Dead – Director's Cut

After a long day of work, nurse Anna (Polley) comes home. Since she’s very tired, she doesn’t pay attention to the news and goes straight to bed together with her husband. The next morning, they wake up with the nextdoor neighbour’s daughter in the room. When Anna’s husband goes to the child, he gets bitten in the neck and it seem the girl has gone completely crazy. Anna manages to lock the door but minutes later she gets attacked by her husband. She manages to escape but when she gets out of the house, the whole town seems to have gone crazy. All over the city, people get infested by some virus that brings people back from the dead and makes them zombies that only hunger for food and preferably the flesh of normal human beings. Anna meets up with a couple of other people that have been able to stay alive and together they head off to the local mall where they hope to find refuge from the ever-growing numbers of zombies.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is superb. Universal has really done a great job here. Compression errors are completely non-existing, edge enhancement hasn’t been used and there’s really nothing to complain. The colors are bright and depending on the scenery, several different filters have been used to emphasise the tension which has succeeded exemplary.

The soundtrack also nicely supports the experience. Lots of effects are coming from the surround speakers while the subwoofer accompanies the whole experience with the necessary amount of bass. Dialogues are at all times clear and understandable.

– Audio Commentary Track by director Zack Snyder
– The Lost Tape: Last Days Revealed -> the character of Andy from the gunstore has kept a video diary of his experiences until his death. This is what you get to see in this extra
– Special Report: special news bulletin that continues to broadcast as the epidemic becomes worse
– Undead Scenes: deleted scenes with optional commentary
– Calling the Dead: a nice feature that focuses on different zombies and how they were created
– Attack of the Living Dead: another special effects feature on the makeup that was used on several different zombies
– Splitting Headache: Anatomy of exploding heads: a feature that goes into the special effects that were used to create the exploding heads
– Director intro to the movie
– Trailer Shaun of the Dead

I’ve seen the original Dawn of the Dead by George A. Romero and this remake is a great one. There are a couple of differences like the fact that the original zombies were extremely slow while here they’re almost faster than a speeding bullet but overall the idea behind the movie remained. It’s nice to see that a remake of an old movie doesn’t always have to be crap. The technical aspects are very good and we can applaud Universal for bringing such a decent transfer to us. Also applauded should be the extra’s that are not the usual commercial crap we normally get but instead some interesting extra’s that keep you in the atmosphere of the movie and story. Last but not least, I would like to add that this dvd release contains the Director’s Cut which has several added scenes which were not in the version that was shown in theatres so it’s a bit longer, contains some more character development and also some additional gore scenes 🙂

One of the best horror flics to have been released lately.

Our Score:

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