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Dawn of the Dead

Panic reigns in the television station as zombies are taking over the world and a couple of people flee with a helicopter to escape. When fuel runs out, the helicopter lands at a huge mall and after a big cleanup, Francine (Gaylen Ross) and her friends are relatively safe. However, the zombies keep coming, looking for a way to get in, and the arrival of a gang of vigilante bikers who want to use the mall as their headquarters makes things all but comfortable.

Dawn of the Dead is the second part in the cult trilogy from George A. Romero which started with Night of the Living Dead. This DVD release has 2 versions of the movie: the director’s cut (139 minutes) and the european cut (114 minutes) filmed by Dario Argento.

This is a real classic from the old days and it shows. Blood is guttering all over the place while limbs are flying through the air, but everything looks dated. The special effects don’t look real, the storyline is extremely thin and so are the characters. Only fanboys will enjoy this movie.

Sound and Vision:
Dawn of the Dead was created no less than 23 years ago and whether you see the Director’s Cut or the European Cut, the image and sound quality is abominable. Watching this movie takes you back to the time when TV was just starting to enter the living room and we were still using 78rpm grammophones to play records.

A bunch of extras are available on this release and that’s not more than normal as we’re talking about a real classic. We get a photo gallery, TV commercials, a radio trailer, “Document of the Dead” which is a 60-minute documentary from 1989 which analyses the work of George A. Romero and includes interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. Last we can check out some bio- and filmographies of George Romero, producer Dario Argento and Tom Savini (make-up, special effects, actor)

Dawn of the Dead is and always will be a classic amongst horror movies. The extra’s on this release are worth viewing, but whether someone would want to spend money on a DVD with to say the least poor quality in sound and vision is another question. Only for fanboys

Our Score:

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