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Dawson's Creek, All Seasons

The main character, Dawson lives in a small town named Capeside. His best friends Joey and Pacey live just down the creek. First they struggle through puberty, dating on and off, analyzing their youth. Troubles get bigger when new kids come to live in the neighbourhood and become members of the friend-group. After graduation, Dawson goes to LA and starts directing movies, Pacey gets a job and all the rest goes to college in Boston. Five years later they all meet again at the wedding of Dawson’s mother….

Sound and Vision:
The image contains quite some grain at times and also the amount of detail could be better.

The sound is decent but don’t expect too much. The series is dialogue-based on special effects are hardly used.


Sometimes it’s very recognisable, all the fun things and insecurity of puberty and growing up. Although sometimes it’s a little over the top, with all the over-analysing and too fast forward love scenes, but that why it’s a drama series I suppose. Parts of the series were a little boring especially near the end (except for the end itself) It was if like they had to fill a DVD just to get to the last two episodes. But the first 5 seasons are really good. The actors are quite believable, nowadays you have 30-year old actors pretending to be 16, but in this series they match their roles.

I wonder how real this reflection of real American youth is because sometimes it really scares me to think this is based on real life. Like I said sometimes it’s recognisable, but sometimes so over the top that I’m happy to live in Europe. Other times I wish I live in America, as some things seem so simple. But anyway, I can recommend the series if you like a good portion of good old fashion drama and overanalyzing.

Our Score:

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