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Day after Tomorrow, The

Jack Hall (Dennis Quaid) is a paleo-climatologist who researches the previous ice age. When he makes a couple of models, it becomes clear to him that if we are to continue the way we are, a new ice age will soon happen and 50% of the earth’s surface will be hardly liveable. However, when he tries to warn the American Vice-President during a science exhibition, his warning is laughed with.

Little later, several strange phenomena appear and when Jack gets a call from Professor Rapson who noticed a drastic drop in water temperature, it becomes clear that the new ice age has come even faster than Jack had thought. While the government is doing what they can to evacuate everyone to Mexico, Jack goes out together with two friends to save his son who is still in New York and about to be taken by an immense cold front…

Sound and Vision:
The picture is shown in its original format and looks terrific. Hardly any grain or edge enhancement are present, contrast is magnificent and the same goes for the level of detail. A true masterpiece without compression errors, just as we like it 🙂

The soundtrack puts the emphasys on the front speakers but the surrounds do get used for effects and extra atmosphere so therefore we get a very ambient and dynamic experience. The subwoofer gets to put in some extra low when necessary and at all times are the dialogues perfectly understandable. Good stuff.

Before getting to the menu, there’s 45 seconds of nagging about how piracy is a crime, then we get to check out trailers of Man on Fire, Alien vs. Predator, The Girl Next Door, I Robot and Runaway Jury. Quite a lot and certainly over the top if you ask me. We didn’t get to check out the special edition disk so we had to do with two commentary tracks as extra:
– Director/Co-writer Roland Emmerich and producer Mark Gordon. Mostly about the special effects that have been used.
– Co-writer Jeffrey Nachmanoff, cinematographer Ulei Steiger, editor David Brenner and production designer Barry Chusid. They talk about the technical side of things that were necessary to create this movie

Ok, there’s a couple of things that go along with a movie like this one:
– Do NOT think. Thinking will make the movie more absurd.
– Do NOT give any credibility to any of the storyline, it will ruin the experience
If you can live with those two things, you’ll probably like the movie. The special effects are terrific, the soundtrack is more than adequate, and the overall experience is perfect if you’re looking for an entertaining movie on a Saturday night. Technically things are more than ok, good stuff from Fox. Those that are interested in any decent extras should definitely skip this dvd and go straight for the 2-disc special edition. If you’re not into extras: why bother to pay more for something you don’t watch?

Our Score:

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