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Dead Birds

1863. After robbing a bank that’s filled with Confederate money, William and his gang flee to the abandoned Hollister residence to stay hidden until they can move on to Mexico and divide the money between them. After a close inspection of the mansion, the robbers start to relax and prepare for the night as a storm is coming near. William and Annabelle head off to bed while Joseph decides to put the horses in the nearby stable and the rest start playing cards. As night falls, they start having dreams about the previous owners and as time passes, it becomes clear that the house isn’t the safe haven they had thought it to be…

Sound and Vision:
The image is quite alright as it should be with a rather recent release. Compression errors are absent, but the amount of detail in the darker scenes could have been better.

The soundtrack is sublime and perfectly creates a terrifying atmosphere that grabs you from the first second. Especially seeing that this is a low budget production, we were positively surprised.

– Audio commentary by Alex Turner, writer Simon Barrett, Henry Thomas, Nicky Aycox and Peter Lopez
– Deleted scenes with optional audio commentary
– Showboat & Boonie
– Making Of
– Trailers

Dead Birds is the first feature movie from Alex Turner and to be honest, he’s done quite a good job for his debut. Dead Birds may not be so well-known, but the atmosphere is right from the very beginning until the last moment. Unfortunately, the amount of available material in the script must have been quite little as the movie does tend to go quite slow and contain a lot of dead scenes instead of dead birds. The title says as much about the movie as does the tagline. “There are worse things than death” but you never really get to know what… Still, if you’re looking for a dvd that keeps you interested for about an hour and a half and then has some decent extras, Dead Birds is a good choice if you like horror.

Our Score:

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