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Dead Fish SE

Abe isn’t having his day. While takin his girlfriend Mimi to the airport, he finds out she’s pregnant. Secondly, he’s still got a debt open with gangster Danny Devine and he’s got 24 hours to pay what he’s due. Last but not least: when Mimi borrows his cellphone, she drops it and accidentally switches it with that of a hired assassin so that little later he suddenly gets a call for a mission to kill someone.

Yep, Abe isn’t having his day…

Sound and Vision:
Overall, the image is pretty decent. Colors look a bit greyish but that’s intentional and goes pretty well with the atmosphere. Compression errors are hardly present and there’s plenty of detail.

The soundtrack is reasonably good with again a DTS track thanks to Dutch Filmworks.

– Behind the Scenes
– Film Clips
– Interviews
– Photo Gallery
– Liner Notes
– Trailers

The usual DFW extras. I’m really wondering when they’ll start adding some really interesting things on their DVDs.

Dead Fish is a gangster comedy in the line of Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch but unfortunately, it never manages to rise to the level of those movies. Robert Carlyle does an excellent job again doing his usual stuff, and Gary Oldman as well as Billy Zane are also doing their best, but the problem is that the movie stands or falls with the main character and sadly enough, Andrew Lee Potts who plays Abe Klein doesn’t really shine. You can’t stop thinking that he’s completely out of place. I don’t know for sure whether it’s because of his looks, his acting, or because the storyline doesn’t give his character enough credit, but I’m guessing it’s a combination of these. The fact that his sidekick, Jimmy Mistry as Salvador, doesn’t do much except irritate you doesn’t help much either.

I’m sure fans of the genre will have some fun watching this movie but I would rather suggest renting it first. The storyline is not extremely original and the comedy isn’t that great either. Also this type of movie tends to run on interesting funny dialogues but that’s one of the main things where this film runs short. Overall I would have to say that there’s nothing we haven’t seen elsewhere and better.

Dutch Filmworks delivers this Special Edition in their usual steelbook casing with the second disk having a couple of their usual extras.

Our Score:

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