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Dead in Tombstone

deadintombstoneA group of outlaws under the lead of Guerrero Hernandez (Danny Trejo) and his half brother Red Cavanaugh (Anthony Michael Hall) hears about a small town where there’s a dispute about a gold mine that’s resulted in a large quantity of the ore laying around in the office of the local sheriff, waiting to be transported. The seven of them decide to rob the town and get the gold, but after a succesful attack whereby the sheriff gets killed Red gets the idea to settle down and take over control of the town permanently.

Guerrero thinks this is all but a great idea but Red and the others turn against him and with a couple of bullets in his chest he gets sent to the afterlife which in his case means hell. There he comes eye to eye with the devil (Mickey Rourke) who gives him the chance to win back his life. All he needs to do is return to Tombstone which in the meantime is run by Red and his men and kill all his former associates. Small detail: he only gets 24 hours and needs to kill them all in that period of time or otherwise the deal falls through…

Mickey Rourke as the Devil, Danny Trejo as a praying demon returning from death and looking for vengeance, and Anthony Michael Hall (Dead Zone, The Dark Knight) as the leader of a gang of outlaws who’ve taken over control of the legendary western town Tombstone. It sounds like something that could have come out of the mind of Robert Rodriguez or Quentin Tarantino and after seeing this movie you suddenly realise that you effectively need a Tarantino or a Rodriguez to make something like this work, and not a Roel Reiné who previously already delivered the not so great Death Race 2 and 3.

Dead in Tombstone starts already with quite a ridiculous setup; the devil making a deal where Danny Trejo has to kill his former gang members so they get sent to hell. Thinking is clearly not advisable with this movie as otherwise you would wonder what the use is of this deal as in the end these guys will end up in hell anyway. Has the devil run out of patience because there’s too many good people running around in the Wild West? It does seem so as “hell” in this movie seems véry empty… “Oh well”, you think, “it’s a B movie so don’t think too much and just enjoy what passes by on the screen!”. Unfortunately that isn’t too great either.

One cliché after the other, stupid one-liners that have no impact, acting that doesn’t rise above that of the average American soap, and action that doesn’t get displayed all too great either. Dina Meyer can catch our attention for a while as the sexy ex-wife of the murdered sheriff, but that effect quickly gets countered by Anthony Michael Hall who may love playing the bad guy for once but clearly doesn’t have a talent for it. You hope Mickey Rourke or Danny Trejo can uplift the leven a bit but no luck here either. Rourke plays as an overweight robot and Trejo runs around as a hyperkinetic dwarf in clothes that are too big. What Dead in Tombstone shows most of all is that both actors cannot uplift the quality of a movie without decent directing.

After seeing the trailer we had high expectations for Dead in Tombstone. A wacko horror version of Pale Rider (from 1985 with Clint Eastwood) with some so-called top actors in the most legendary town from the Wild West can’t be bad, right? Well it can…

The image and sound quality on this Blu-ray are good and we didn’t notice any specific technical issues. Having said that we do want to mention that the scenes in hell really don’t look good, are clearly manipulated and have some amateuristic CGI added.

The extras contain deleted scenes, a Making Of and some features on the director, the visual effects and action scenes, but in all honesty you really don’t want to spend time seeing how this stupid movie was made after watching it.


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