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Deadly Creatures

Scorpions and spiders. Something tells me that ladies, kids and aunts with a Wii aren’t immediately looking forward to controlling these hidious creatures in Deadly Creatures. A game for the hardcore gamers amongst us, or for lovers of vermin?

Not quite, as even those that at first want to have nothing to do with something that has eight legs or a sting on its back can have fun with this adventure. Probably it’s for raising the accessibility that Billy Bob Thornton and Dennis Hopper were asked to do some voices, which they do exemplary.

While you take on the role of alternating a tarantula and a scorpion you also follow the story of two men looking for a treasure. With pieces you get to hear their conversations which adds another layer to the gameplay. I probably don’t need to tell you that the game is very linear, but luckily that never starts to bore.

You mostly explore places where you tend to live as little vermin. Think of deserts, caves, a nest and man-made places like a gas station. For a Wii game everything looks quite good with also realistic graphics that bring a breath of fresh air to all the overly bright colors on the console. Those afraid of spiders will therefore shiver for a second when he or she sees the animals wandering around with beautiful life-like animations for the first time.

Also the sounds are perfect and at times you won’t be able to suppress a tremor going through your spine. Especially when you need to kill yet another dirty animal (your lunch) and it screams as if its life depended on it.

Fighting is done in two ways. With the spider you have to use your web most of the time to parallyze opponents, while the scorpion has it going on with its claws and poisonous sting. The controls feel nice and you really get the feeling you’ll a small but dangerous animal that needs to survive in a desolate area where rats, snakes, oversized locusts and other vermin want to eat you as much as you them. There are even bossfights that make for exciting combat to the death. Especially playing with the tarantula is something I found fun as it’s that tidbit more innovative as you can walk upside down and shuffle through the environment in a more immersive way.

Deadly Creatures is a simple adventure that very well plays its limited strengths. Playing with a spider and scorpion feels very fresh and the creep-factor gives something extra to the gameplay that for the rest is little innovating. The original situations and settings are good and interwoven here and there with the storyline that gets unraveled around you while getting an interesting twist at the end. A lightly digestible game so to speak and a small suggestion for those that are looking for something different. Or those that just want to bother their mother with large spiders on TV!

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