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Death of a President

October 19th, 2007. US president George W. Bush gets shot when leaving a hotel in Chicago. The FBI quickly arrives on the scene and finds out that the shots fired came from the 20th floor of an office building across the street. The control everyone that works there and focus their efforts first on people with Islamic background. Meanwhile, the police are arresting people that have been participating in an anti-war demonstration earlier that evening. Within three hours after Bush’ death, no less than 300 people have been taken into custody and President Cheney and the CIA are trying to proove that Al Quaida is behind the attack. Nine months later, Jamal Abu Zikri gets sentenced for the murder of the president, but with little proof…

Sound and Vision:
This “documentary” contains so-called live footage as well as seperate interviews. As you can expect, the “on-the-scene” images aren’t of the utmost quality, but the interviews are sharp and filled with detail. Exactly the quality you can expect from a documentary.

There’s little to say about the sound. Dialogues are understandable and there’s nothing bad.


Documentaries are made about events that happened and give a deeper insight in the matter. They don’t contain action or thrilling events that keep you cluttered to the screen. And that’s exactly the problem with Death of a President. By shooting this as a docu, there’s nothing that will keep you interested in watching. After all, there’s nothing “real” about this entire film. The only thing we can applaud is that the makers did an excellent job in putting footage from people like Bush and Cheney in the film making it look like the “live footage” looks real.

In the end, Death of a President is a cool film on a technical level (how images can be manipulated) but isn’t interesting enough to keep you watching.

Our Score:

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