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Death Proof 2-Disc SE

A bunch of girls are heading out to spend the night at the cabin of one of them but before they head off, they decide to make a quick stop at their favorite pub to have some laughs with the guys. Unfortunately, they had better not done that as one of the people present is Stuntman Mike and he’s got nothing good in mind…

Sound and Vision:
Death Proof is like two times the same movie and the image quality reflects this. The first part of the film really looks like an old ‘70s movie with saturated colors and lots of print damage, while the second part is clean as a whistle and actually shows you’re watching a modern feature. Compression errors aren’t present and the transfer doesn’t tamper with the movie as the director intended so that’s a good thing.

The sound is pretty good as well and does as you would expect.

A feature on the cars, one on the drivers and one about the stunts with both. We also get some info on the cast & crew, a music clip, and we get to see the winning trailer from a fake trailer contest.
Biggest absent extra: the fake trailers from the grindhouse feature

You think my summary of the movie is quite short? Well, don’t be surprised as there’s little more to it. In fact, Tarantino’s inspiration looks to have dried up as Death Proof is like two times the same movie but with different endings. Nothing really manages to keep the viewer interested and the dialogue parts that the director is known for this time only help to make you fall asleep.

While Death Proof is part of Grindhouse – which is supposed to be honouring the old grindhouse features – Tarantino did little more than copy his own style and make things worse. Despite a pretty decent cast, the movie doesn’t keep you interested and is quite boring atually. If there’s one reason to buy this dvd, it’s the extras, you certainly wouldn’t want to spend your money on the movie.

Our Score:

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