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Death Race

Jensen Ames is a former racing car driver who’s lost his driving license and went to work in a factory. However, bad economics have made the company bankrupt and him out of a job. Nonetheless he returns home with a good attitude as his loving wife and newborn baby are waiting for him. However, little after he arrived he finds his wife dead on the floor and before he knows it he gets knocked unconscious on the floor. When he wakes up the cops are present to arrest him and six months later he’s on his way to Terminal Island, a high-security prison where deadly races are being held and broadcasted for profit, convicted of murder.

Once there warden Hennessey makes him a proposal: the most popular driver, “Frankenstein”, has died during his last race but nobody is aware of that yet. She asks Jensen to take over for Frankenstein which shouldn’t be a problem as he always wears a mask and if he wins the final “Death Race”, Jensen can return home again. As an added bonus Jensen’s daughter won’t be sent to adoption parents. Jensen sees no other possibility than to comply (although not willingly) but once the racing starts he quickly realises that no driver will ever win enough races to be released.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is really good with very detailed images, no compression errors, no grain or any other thing that could spoil the fun.

The sound is equally impressive with an aggressive DTS-HD track that really puts you in the middle of the races. Great stuff!

– Make your own race
– Start your engines: Making a Death Race
– Behind the steering wheel: analysis of the stunts
– Audio commentary tracks
– My Movie commentary
– Picture in Picture: Cast & Crew Interviews & behind-the-scenes footage
– Tech Specs

Quite a lot of extras that will please any fan of the movie

Death Race is a remake of the classic “Death Race 2000” from 1975 with Sylvester Stallone and David Carradine. The storyline has been altered a bit to make it more realistic and the setting has changed from an outdoor cross-country race where pedestrians are welcome targets for a brutal death to a confined prison circuit. As such the true fanboys of the original probably won’t find Death Race to be so great as it lacks some of the comedy but for the rest of the crowd it will no doubt be an entertaining experience.

There’s still enough comedy present for the viewer to relax and the action is truly great with fantastic stunts and great images that stick on the screen.

Universal delivers this Blu-ray with excellent image and sound quality and a pack of extras that’s certainly worth checking out. Although I always loved the original Death Race 2000, this one isn’t bad at all and certainly worth a shot.

Our Score:

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