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Death Sentence

Nick Hume is a succesful vice-president of an insurance company but besides that he’s also a mild-mannered family man who would do anything for his wife and two sons. One night, after coming back from a hockey game, he has to stop at a gas station in a not-so-great neighborhood to fill his tank and the worst that could happen happens. A couple of hoodlums enter the station and shoot his son Brendan. Nick tries to help him but can only manage identify Joe Darley as the killer. When the prosecutor afterwards tells Nick that he’s going for a maximum of three years in jail for Joe, Nick decides to drop his testimony and say he isn’t sure Joe was the guy who killed Brendan. Instead, Nick goes out at night and stabs Joe to death.

When Joe’s brother Billy is informed after his brother’s death, Billy assembles his gang and decides to go to war against Nick and his family…

Sound and Vision:
Nothing bad to be said about the image quality. Everything looks as we expect from a recent release and there’s little to complain about.

The sound does its job nicely also with good positioning of the dialogues at the center speaker while the surrounds are nicely used for effects and some music. The subwoofer gets its piece of the action but doesn’t overdo it.


Death Sentence isn’t an original movie in the way that it’s a lot like the original Death Wish and it even reminded me of that ’70s classic Walking Tall. Of course we’re not talking about some sheriff defending a town against some gangsters, but the idea is pretty similar.

There are tons of “revenge” movies out there and one is worse than the other. Death Sentence manages to rise above average thanks to the good acting from Kevin Bacon and purely thanks to that. The punks are a bit over the top (almost Mad Max-like) and the gunfights at times even get to a point of beyond believable, but the way Bacon manages to keep his character in line with the expectations without overdoing it is what makes this movie worth watching.

Definitely one we would recommend for a quiet Saturday evening 🙂

Our Score:

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